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Geometry Task

For Learning today Room 1 and I foucsed on doing our geometry task for maths , and this is what i have done. make sure to leave a positive comment if enjoyed and share to your friends. thank  you!

Extension Scratch Project (Whakatauki)

This year In Extention , us year 8 & 7’s  have got together and chose Maori Proverbs for us to translate it into an animation from a scratch project. My proverb or Whakatauki I should say is “Toka tu moana, ara he toa rongonui”. In english that is “Your strength is like a rock standing in raging waters”. which means no matter the circumstance to give it your all and don’t give up no matter what you can do it! .

And just a heads up when the water collide make sure to press space in time for the Scratch Project!.


I hope you enjoy!